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Last Day To Use Borders Gift Cards Before They Expire

If you are still in possession of Borders or Angus & Robertson gift cards today is your last day to use the cards without any restrictions. Borders and Angus & Robertson are both going under, they have marked April 3rd as the last day that their gift cards can be redeemed without restrictions. After today when redeeming a gift card customers will need to buy and pay for an equal value of merchandise to the amount of the cards balance they are redeeming. This will mean your Borders gift card will turn into more of a 50% off coupon than a gift card. Many people will no doubt complain about the new restriction but it is actually fairly impressive the company did not just cancel their gift card balances all together when they went under. You can also register as a creditor of the company if you have an unused gift card balance, but you would be unlikely to ever receive anything for your trouble. Borders is carrying a large amount of debut that will need to be paid down before any gift card holders are able to stake their claim. If you do decide to register as a credit holder than you will no longer be able to use your gift card at a Borders or Angus & Robertson location.

This isĀ  another example of a business going under that leaves tens to hundreds of thousands of consumers with useless balances on their gift cards. Leaving a gift card unused rarely ends well, especially with the current economic climate choosing to store money in a gift card is not a good decision. If you have a gift card that has been sitting around your house going unused consider selling it or at least re gifting it. You can always sell gift cards on Giftah.com, it only takes about 5 minutes and before you know it you can turn your unwanted card into cash.

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