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Check Balance On Walmart Gift Card

walmart_gift_cardIf you have an old Walmart gift card lying around the house and can’t remember if there is any balance left on the gift card you have come to the right place. It is easy to check the balance on Walmart’s gift cards; the company has provided the following three methods for checking their gift cards balance.

1) Check Walmart Gift Card Balance By Phone, Call 1-888-537-5503
2) Check The Walmart Gift Card Balance Online, Click Here.
3) Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance At Any Walmart Location.

After you determine the balance on your gift card you can go to Walmart and buy something or you can sell your gift card. Giftah offers cash for unwanted gift cards, just go to Giftah.com and list your gift card for sale on the site.

Sell you gift cards for cash

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4 Responses to “Check Balance On Walmart Gift Card”

  1. Emma Says:

    how do i check how much money is left on my gift cards, I can’t figure this out,
    and if my cards are over a year old do they still work?

  2. delilah Says:

    you have to have some stupid acccount for walmart so i tryed to make one but it kept telling me something was wormg and to look for what was highlighted and i did and i misspelled some things but it kept changing it back and making me change it all over again and then it said you are not allowed to create a walmart account on this computer…….uhhhggggg….. i suggest asking some team members when you get to walmart even though people at walmart arent very nice either

  3. delilah Says:

    and yes it should still work

  4. giftah Says:

    Most cards will not expire anymore, the rules are different state to state, but for Walmart you will be fine.

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