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Giftah FAQ



What is Giftah?

Giftah gives you more, whether it's more cash for your unwanted gift cards or more purchasing power at your favorite retail store. We are committed to giving our customers what they really want out of their gift cards.

If you have received a gift card to a store you never shop at or simply would prefer to turn it into cash Giftah will buy your unwanted gift cards. We make it easy to quickly get cash for your unwanted gift cards.

Giftah also sells discount gift cards from major retailers at up to 40% off. When you buy a discount gift card from us you receive Free Shipping and enjoy the protection of our Gift Card Guarantee.

How does this all work?

Giftah takes in orphaned gift cards, whether its gift cards that have been gathering dust in sock drawers, gift cards given as gifts that missed the mark, or gift cards from people who just prefer the flexibility of cash. We provide a home for unwanted gift cards and eventually match them to someone who does want them.

Who am I selling to or buying from?

When you sell you card to Giftah you mail the gift cardsdirectly to us, we process the card and quickly issue your payment. There is no middle man or wait, you deal directly with us every step of the way.

All cards purchased directly from Giftah are in our possession and shipped by us. There is no middle man, no waiting for the cards to arrive and no questions about the balance. Giftah handles the sale from beginning to end.

Why should I use Giftah?

Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have saved hundreds of dollars by using Giftah and see why thousands of users love turning their unwanted gift cards into cold hard cash.

Giftah offers the simplest, fastest and safest way to buy and sell gift cards. All our transactions are secured by the highest level of encryption available and our industry leading Gift Card Guarantee.

If you are selling your unwanted gift cards Giftah gives you cash fast or if your buying discount gift cards you will save money shopping at your favorite stores. We offer a fun experience with friendly service that will put money in your pocket. Our customer focused team is always available to receive your questions, recommendations and comments, feel free to contact us today [email protected]

Who are you?

Learn more about or team and the origins of Giftah on our About page. Or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Buying Discount Gift Cards



How can I buy discount gift cards?

Just head over to our buy discounted gift cards section, once you find a card you want add it to your card and checkout. Once we have received your order we will ship your order within 12 hours.

Is there any sales tax or shipping costs on the discount gift cards?

There is no tax of any kind on our discounted gift cards and shipping is always free! The price you see on Giftah.com is what you pay, there are absolutely no hidden fees or inflated shipping charges.

How long will it take to receive my gift cards after I order them?

Depending on your location discounted gift cards will take 3-7 business days to arrive.

Other Questions?

If you still have any questions or feedback feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Selling Gift Cards



How do I sell my unwanted gift cards?

Just head over to our sell gift cards section, follow the instructions and your done. We provide instructions for mailing your unwanted gif cards to our processing center. As soon as we receive and validate your cards we will instantly send you payment via PayPal.

How should I ship my gift cards to you?

Whatever method of shipping you prefer is fine with us. Giftah always recommends using registered mail, tracking, insuring the package or a combination of these. Most cards we receive are shipped using standard first class mail.

How long does it take to me to be paid?

Giftah issues payments within 1 business day of receive your cards. We use Paypal for instant payments so there is no waiting for weeks to get paid. As soon as we receive and validate your cards you get paid instantly.

Do you buy store credit gift cards?

Yes, we will give you cash for any retail store credit card that is on our list of approved retailers. Just fill out the same form we have for selling unwanted gift cards.

Other Questions?

If you still have any questions or feedback feel free to contact us: [email protected]

For those selling their gift cards, Giftah offers an excellent opportunity to free up some cash. Whether you need money to pay the bills, buy something else, or invest/save for the future we turn your gift cards into a liquid asset.
The users that buy the cards are able to get a great deal on a gift card from a retailer they will actually shop at. Everyone buys stuff everyday, now you can put money back in your pocket by making these purchases with discount gift cards from Giftah.