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About Giftah

Giftah.com is an online marketplace specializing in gift cards. Giftah provides a platform for buying and selling gift cards from Canada and the United States.

When using the "Verified by Giftah" service the following services will be provided. Giftah rates the credibility of a listed card based on the seller's feedback from other transactions and the cards value (Giftah will independently verify the value via the serial number provided during the listing process). 

When a "Verified by Giftah" auction ends the winner of the auction sends payment for the gift card to Giftah, the seller of the card is then notified that payment has been received and verified. The seller then ships the card to the winning bidder. After receiving the gift card the buyer leaves feedback for the transaction.

If the feedback is positive the seller is paid via PayPal. If the feedback is negative or a dispute occurs Giftah will investigate the transaction to determine which party's claim is valid. After an investigation the party the party with a valid claim will be paid (if they are the seller) or refunded (if they are the buyer).

Giftah will charge 6% commission fee of the final sale price of the gift card as well as a 30 cents (in whichever currency the card listed is in) transaction fee only when the sale of a card is completed. 

Return and Refund Policy

Refunds will be issued in the event of a dispute over the advertised card. Disputes may only be raised by gift card buyers. In the event of a dispute Giftah will investigate the issues and determine which party is entitled to a refund or payment. To initiate a dispute contact Giftah with a detailed explanation of the issue. Giftah will then work with both parties to get both sides of the story before resolving disputes. Disputes will be resolved and refunds or payments issued within 14 days of initiation.

Refunds will not given for funds that are added to the user's account but not used. These funds are only to be used for purchasing other gift cards on the site and no refunds will be given for money left over.

Returns are possible if the buyer and seller mutually agreed to withdraw their transaction and all merchandise is returned intact to the seller, within fourteen (14) business days of the auction ending. The cost of the card minus Giftah's transaction fee will be returned to the buyer. The seller will receive the gift card back. The seller will have to pay Giftah back either through cheque or PayPal. Both the seller and buyer must contact Giftah by e-mail stating their intentions to conduct a return. This method is designed to protect all three parties involved in the transaction from suffering loses. 

Giftah will verify the gift card's value and make sure it has not changed.

Customer Service Contact Information

Have a question or concern? Contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you out.


United States

All currency transactions related to cards listed in U.S. dollars including Giftah fees, refunds and payments will be conducted in U.S. dollars.


All currency transactions related to cards listed in Canadian dollars including Giftah fees, refunds and payments will be conducted in Canadian dollars.

Delivery Policy

Delivery, including all shipping costs, is the responsibility of the seller. Sellers must ship their gift cards within two (2) days of being notified by Giftah that has received payment for their card by the highest bidder. Sellers should retain any postal documentation in the event of a dispute. Although sellers are not required to add tracking numbers to their envelopes Giftah strongly recommends doing so. The seller must mail the gift card from the country the card has been listed in. For example if a card is listed in U.S. dollars the card must be shipped from within the United States.

Sellers may use any standard shipping options offered by their countries federal postal service, (United States Postal Service or Canada Post).