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Discount Gift Cards For Sale

Giftah is an online gift card marketplace where buyers and sellers of gift cards connect. The site has hundreds of gift cards from major retailers available at massive discounts (in some cases up to 60% off!). Every card listed on the site is protected by Giftah’s gurantee service, this means all gift cards are 100% guranteed to receive the right card with its balance intact so you can bid on gift cards with confidence.

The discounts on gift cards are incredible there are literally thousands of dollars in savingns available on the site. If you know you are going to be shopping a lot in a specific store you can use the site to stock up on discounted gift cards before your shopping spree. People who do not want to shop at the store they have a gift card for will sell their gift card at a discount on Giftah. All the seller wants is a bit of cash for their gift card. Since sellers often have no use for the gift cards they own the gift cards will be sold at steep discounts. The gift card sellers are happy to receive any amount of money, while the buyers can end up receiving a huge discounted gift card. Its an excellent system that is win-win for all the parties. If you have tried purchasing discounted gift cards on Giftah you are missing out on massive savings.

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  1. Michael Says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I need some help with a creative gift idea for a family member. My intention is to purchase a gift card but we have always worked hard to be as creative as possible. My goal is to collect 1000 used or non activated gift cards from all kinds of stores, resturaunts and services and to mix the real card with them. This will make my relative spend hours searching for the correct “gift” . Can you please help?

    Michael Calveard

    5315 Eisenhower Ct

    Pasco, WA 99301

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