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Get A $25 Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card With Nestea Promotion

Nestea is running a new promotion that offers consumers $25 prepaid Mastercard gift cards if they collect a certain number of Nestea proof of purchases off of specially marked products. To cash in on the deal collect one of these sets of products:

1) 12 x 473/591ml bottles of Nestea, Nestea Cool, or Nestea Vitao and receive a $25 prepaid Mastercard gift card.

2) 10 x 10 (200ml) tetra packs of Nestea and receive a $25 prepaid Mastercard gift card.

3) 10 x 2 bottles of Nestea Cool and receive a $25 prepaid Mastercard gift card.

4) 8 x 1.89L cartons of Nestea

5) 4 x 12 (341ml) can packs of Nestea, Nestea Cool, or Nestea Vitao.

The proof of purchases will be available on specially marked Nestea products until the all the packages are sold or August 31, 2009. After purchasing the products the proof of purchase and receipts must be mailed in to Nestea. Each household is limited to claiming 3 $25 prepaid Mastercard gift cards. For the full details of this promotion check out Nestea’s Refresh and Redeem website.

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6 Responses to “Get A $25 Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card With Nestea Promotion”

  1. val Says:

    Hi What exactly is a prepaid Mastercard and how do you use it??? Thanks for your help!!!!

  2. giftah Says:

    A prepaid Mastercard is basically a gift card that can be used anywhere Mastercards are excepted. Its a popular alternative to traditional retailers gift cards because it can be used in so many locations with little restrictions.

  3. Paolo Says:

    I would like to know who I can contact regarding this promotion. I sent in all the promotional coins along with a completed form back in July 2009 and still have not received my prepaid card. Thanks in advance.

  4. giftah Says:

    Hi Paolo, try the Nestea refresh and redeem contest. I hope Nestea will honor their rebates.

  5. Brent Says:

    Did the same , sent in all required coins and receipts and have not received a Gift Card yet.

  6. giftah Says:

    Hey Brent/Paolo, any updates on this? Did you ever receive your gift cards?

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