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Get An Xbox 360 Arcade for $199 Plus a $100 Gift Card from Walmart

This weekend, Saturday November 7th 2009, Walmart will be selling their Xbox 360 Arcade units for $199, which is the regular price. But the sweet part is that they are also handing a $100 gift card with it, so you are really getting the console for only $99. If you have been looking into getting a console, Christmas has come early for you!

Walmart Xbox 360 Arcade

Walmart Xbox 360 Arcade

Here are some of the juicy details from slickdeals.net:

Q: Are There The New Jasper Units (the newest ones that don’t break because of overheating)?
A: Yes – Most should be. Arcades were the first models to switch over. No one is 100% sure what models of Arcades these will be though. It’s possible Microsoft is moving a large supply of old Falcon units that other retailers refuse to accept because savvy customers won’t buy them. This [360-hq.com] site shows how you can tell. Usually without even opening the box you can see the power requirements through the cut-out. 

Q: Does it have HDMI?
A: Yes it has HDMI output, you can either purchase a generic hdmi cable or the official ones which come with an adapter that has optical audio out.

Q: What kind of gift card is it?
A: No one knows for sure. It likely depends on if they offer it online, and if they do, in that case, it will be an egift card. As for when you buy the item at a B&M store, it will likely be a regular gift card. This is how it was done last year. YES, there’s an online product page right now that states it comes with an egift card and that the item isn’t available online, however, like last year, it is probably just a placeholder. These special Saturday items surprisingly became available online even after being advertised as B&M this this time last year. So people please, calm down. Things aren’t always what they seem

Q: When does this sale start??
A: Nov 7th @ 8am at ALL locations.

The question that a number of people seem to be asking on the internet is if they can buy the Xbox Arcade console, get the $100 gift card and then return the console later and keep the gift card. Chances are Walmart will not allow this. Your best bet if will not use the $100 Walmart gift card is to sell it to Giftah for $70 and get cash for it, reducing the cost of your new xbox console to only $129!!

The details as to the quantities available and if you can get a raincheck on this deal are not clear, but the consensus seems strong: head to your local Walmart bright and early if you want to get one!

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