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Let The 2009 Christmas Shopping Begin

Halloween is over and the holiday season is quickly approaching and we all know what that means, time to go out and shop for xmas gifts for friends and family. There are plenty of reasons you should start planning your holiday shopping early and save up some money for Christmas, no matter how big or small your Christmas gift list is going to be. To find the best Christmas gifts you need to keep a watchful eye out sooner rather then later; and hopefully our blog post can help you find the best Christmas gifts this 2009 season!

Early Christmas Shopping Guide

Early Christmas Shopping Guide

The first thing you should do is set an overall “Christmas budget” for yourself. The economy has been very tough for a lot of people around the world this past year so if you need some extra cash to increase that Christmas budget look around your house, find gift cards that are collecting dust and not being unused (you can find out how to check their balances by looking through our many “check your gift card balance” blog posts), and sell them to Giftah! We are able to pay you up to 80% of the value left in the gift card!

The next thing you should aim to do is create a list, either manually by hand or grab a list of friends from a social network such as Facebook, of all the people that have not been naughty this year and are worthy of a gift. Now comes the hard part: you must split that total budget you came up with earlier and spread it through the various people in your list. Try to spend more on the people that you are closer to and the most special in your life. For everybody in the list pick 2-4 things you thing they are interested in; this is where an online social network would come in handy as it lists all their hobbies or you can even get hints of what they might be wanting this time around by looking at their wall posts…

If you are not certain what to get everybody browse around the Giftah website to get some ideas! Giftah offers a number of cheap gift cards to various electronic stores, theaters, restaurants, book stores, jewelry stores, spas and many more; so you can save money for Christmas! Some stores to definitely check out include: the apple store (for all your ipod/iphone needs), best buy (for all your general electronic needs), ticketmaster (let the people on your list buy tickets to concerts and movies to get them in the holiday spirit as A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey).

Got any other Christmas shopping hints/tips we missed? Share it with everybody in the comments section below!

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  1. Get An Xbox 360 Arcade for $199 Plus a $100 Gift Card from Walmart | Giftah Blog Says:

    [...] « Let The 2009 Christmas Shopping Begin [...]

  2. Katherine Says:

    Budget seems to be the operative word this Christmas or this year really. So I was suuuuuper happy to discover the $10 TracFone that comes with all the accessories she’ll ever need. This is going to be her first phone so I’ll see how she handle owning one and hey, it’s so cheap that if it’s lost – oh well.

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