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Walmart to Sell Facebook Credit Gift Cards

Walmart has been added to the list of retailers that will be selling Facebook Credits gift cards. Target and Best Buy will also begin carrying the Facebook gift cards, Target was the first store to give Facebook Credits gift cards a retail presence. The cards balance can be used to purchase a wide range of virtual goods on Facebook’s popular social games such as Farmeville, Bejeweled and Blitz. Facebook Credits can purchase digital goods such as in game upgrades, virtual goods for game characters, and additional in game skills. In won’t be long before millions of dollars of commerce is happening everyday on Facebook and Facebook credits is the companies vision for facilitating these daily transactions.

Facebook Credits gift cards are sold in Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Facebook gift cards can be purchased in denominations of $5 to $50. The Facebook gift cards are being provided by CMG Entertainment which also provides iTunes and other online game gift cards. Although selling digital Facebook Credits in gift card form may seem old fashioned the company cashes in on users too young to have their own credit card. With no credit card children and teens have no alternative then to purchase online credits in a retail store. Also this Christmas don’t be surprised if your grandma or uncle gift you with some Facebook gift cards for no reason other then they recognize the brand and heard you have a profile.

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