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Check Best Buy Gift Card Balance

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Are you trying to track down the balance on your Best Buy gift card? You have definitely come to the right place, in this post we will show you three different ways to check a Best Buy gift card balance. We will also let you know how you can purchase discount Best Buy gift cards to save money on all or your Best Buy purchases. Finally you will learn how to sell your Best Buy gift card, that’s right you can turn you Best Buy gift card into cash! Without further ado here are the three methods for viewing your Best Buy gift cards balance,

1) Check Best Buy Gift Card Balance By Phone, 1-888-716-7994.

2) Check Best Buy Gift Card Balance Online, Click Here.

3) Check Best Buy Gift Card Balance At Any Best Buy Location.

Now that you have found the balance on your gift card you need to decide whether you will use the card to purchase some electronics or turn the gift card into cash and use it for something else. Lots of gift cards end up going unused every year, some are lost, stolen or expire but most commonly gift cards end up being kept in desk drawer gathering dust for years. Many times the reason people don’t use gift cards is that they just don’t want or need anything from the retailer. Now you can sell your unwanted gift cards and use the cash on anything you want. If you decide to sell your Best Buy gift card then Giftah.com will help you turn your gift card into cash. Simply fill out our form, send in the card and you will receive payment within 24hrs of the gift card being verified. Its a simple way to get fast cash for your unwanted gift cards. If you do decided to use your gift card be sure to check Giftah.com for their current discount electronics gift card listings. You can pick up a discount Best Buy gift card that can be applied to anything you purchase at the store. Shopping at Best Buy with a discount gift card is like having your own personal sale in your pocket. You can apply your discount to any item at any time. No matter what you do with your gift card Giftah.com will help you put more money in your pocket.

Patent Litigation Threatened All Gift Cards Validity

Monday, April 20th, 2009

A recent gift card patent litigation trial had the potential to render all gift cards in the United States useless. Every Penny Counts claimed that any company that issued “open” or “closed” gift cards was infringing on their patent for technology that automatically deducts excess cash from gift card transactions.

The “open” gift cards cover the American Express gift cards or Visa gift cards that can be used at any store and the “closed” gift cards refer to gift cards that can be used at specific locations, for example a Best Buy gift card or Wal Mart gift card. Essentially ever single gift card in the United States was covered by the lawsuit.

Luckily the U.S. Court of Appeals affirmed the Florida federal district court’s dismissal of the lawsuits which challenged the legitimacy of gift cards technology. Had the patent litigation been successful it could have potentially banned the use of gift cards in the United States.

Although this did not happen it shows how fragile gift cards can be for storing value. The company you own gift cards for can go out of business, the card can be lost or stolen, and now even patent litigation may lead to the loss of gift card balances. Everyone should get rid of their unused gift cards. It is much better to sell gift cards you will not use or trade them for a gift card you will use. The best place to get cash for gift cards is Giftah. You can get the best price for you gift card and turn the card into a liquid asset.