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Canadian Tire Gift Card Promotion

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Canadian Tire Gift Card CertificateCanadian Tire is running a two day only gift card promotion. The promotion which runs on Saturday October 24 and Sunday October 25, 2009 offers consumer a $10 Canadian Tire gift card when they Spend $50 or more at any Canadian Tire location. Unfortunately there are a number of conditions on the cards, the $10 promo Canadian Tire gift card must be used before October 31st, 2009 which does not leave much time to use the promotional gift card. There are also several products and services that are not eligible for the Canadian Tire promotion, including Auto Service labor fees, Mark’s Work Warehouse merchandise, and Canadian Tire Gift Cards.

Although the time given to redeem the Canadian Tire gift card is not very long the promotion is better then nothing and perfect for people who regularly shop at Canadian Tire. Although Giftah will not be purchasing Canadian Tire promotional gift cards due to their short expiration date they will continue to buy unwanted Canadian Tire gift cards. If you would like to sell your Canadian Tire gift card or purchase a discount Canadian Tire gift card check out Giftah.com

Canadian Tire Gift Card Promotion

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

canadian_tire_gift_card_patio_furnitureIf you are in the market for some new patio furniture Canadian Tires new promotion is for you. The company is offering Canadian Tire gift cards to any customer purchasing patio furniture before May 22nd, 2009. The amount of the gift card varies depending on the cost of your patio furniture. Basically the more you spend the larger your gift card will be;

- Spend $299.99-399.99 and receive a $75 Canadian Tire Gift Card
- Spend $400-499.99 and receive a $100 Canadian Tire Gift Card
- Spend $500-699.99 and receive a $150 Canadian Tire Gift Card
- Spend $700-899.99 and receive a $200 Canadian Tire Gift Card
- Spend $900 and receive a $300 Canadian Tire Gift Card.

The Canadian Tire gift card promotion for patio furniture is an attractive incentive. Actually getting the card is a bit of a hassle, but definitely worth the time and effort. To receive the rebate you must buy the patio furniture before the expiry date and send in a mail in rebate [PDF] before June 22nd, 2009. Not as easy as the cashier handing you your card, but if you are looking for patio furniture you may was well get a big Canadian Tire gift card with it. Even if you do not usually shop at Canadian Tire you can always get cash for your gift card by selling it on Giftah.