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Check Cineplex Gift Card Balance

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Do you need to check the balance on your Cineplex gift card? In this post we will look at three different ways you can check the balance on a Cineplex gift card. We will also let you know how you can buy discount Cineplex gift cards and how you can turn your Cineplex card into cash. Often times gift cards sit around gather dust and going unused for years, we will let you know how to unlock additional value from your idle gift cards. Cineplex offers three ways to check the balance on your gift card, you can easily find your balance online, over the phone or at any Cineplex location.  Select one of the options below to discover your cards balance,

1) Check Cineplex Gift Card Balance By Phone, 1-800-544-7573.

2) Check Cineplex Gift Card Balance Online, Click Here.

3) Check Cineplex Gift Card Balance At Any Cineplex Location.

Now that you know the balance on your gift card you can either decide to take a trip to the movies and get some popcorn or you could sell your Cineplex gift card. That’s right, you can get cash for your Cineplex gift card. All you need to do is submit your Cineplex gift card on Giftah.com and they will give you cash for your gift cards. You can sell Cineplex gift cards, or gift cards from any major chain in North America. Its easy to do and payments are always fast. If you do decide to use your card for a night out at the movies be sure to check Giftah.com for a current listing of discount movie gift cards. You can pick up additional savings by purchasing a discount Cineplex gift card. Whether you decide to sell your card or use it for a night out Giftah.com will save you money.