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CVS Pharmacy Gift Cards Go Interactive

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

cvs_pharmacy_gift_cardsCVS Pharmacy will soon be launching a new electronic gift card program that allows customer to purchase, customize and deliver gift cards online. The cards can be sent to friends via e-mail where their code can be used on the CVS Pharmacy website or printed off for in store use. Each electronic CVS Pharmacy gift card will come equipped with a unique code for online use and a bar code for in store use.

The method of delivering gift cards online rapidly increased the delivery time. While traditional CVS Pharmacy gift cards purchased online needed to travel by snail mail, the new electronic gift cards can be instantly e-mailed. If the CVS gift card is a gift for someone, the cards sender can pick the exact date and time for the gift cards electronic delivery.

Customers who purchase the gift cards online can customize the look and feel of their CVS Pharmacy gift card. This makes the cards more personal and since it is an electronic gift card it is much more cost effective then customizing a traditional plastic gift card. While the old gift cards will continue to be sold both online and in stores the new CVS gift cards represent a huge step forward in convenience and delivery.

Michaels Gift Cards for Teacher Appreciation Week

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Popular craft store Michaels conducted a survey in April asking over 1,000 teachers what their preferences for gift giving during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3 – 9). While many children and parents wonder what gifts they should get for the teachers Michaels survey has revealed what teachers want this Teacher Appreciation Week.

The 73% of teachers prefer gifts made by their students; they said that the handmade gifts involving creative elements. Half the teachers said they have had enough of the typical coffee mugs, candles and bath products typically given as gifts.

The most desired gifts by teachers after home made pieces were gift cards. One third of teachers enjoyed receiving gift cards to retail stores. Although the company obviously recommends Michaels gift cards as the perfect gift for teachers, most teachers have probably had enough of arts and crafts during the school year.

Giftah is in favor of giving gift cards for teacher’s week. Students can save money by using Giftah to buy discounted gift cards to give their teachers. If the teachers do not like the gift card, they can always come back on Giftah and get cash for their gift cards.