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Save money when purchasing furniture

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Are you located in the Greater Toronto Area and looking to purchase furniture for your home? Take a look at some discounted DHFS membership cards for some great saving opportunities.

A 1 year membership at DIRECT HOME FURNISHINGS & SERVICES ( DHFS ) provides you with the unique ability to purchase home furnishings and home improvement products at Direct Wholesale Prices.

DHFS is affiliated with 250 brand name manufacturers / authorized suppliers and provides products in over 40 categories.  The product portfolio consists of furniture, blinds, shutters, window coverings, baths, plumbing supplies, kitchen cabinets, granite/marble, flooring, carpeting, windows, doors, hot tubs, swimming pools, appliances, electronics and much more.

The advantages of owning a DHFS membership is that substantial savings will be realized when buying products for your home.  DHFS members save thousands of dollars when purchasing through our system because we remove significant retail margins from the equation.  Additionally, you will acquire mid end quality products at wholesale prices equivalent to low end product prices that the retailers offer in the market.  Stretch your hard earned dollar to increase product quality and uplift your lifestyle with the same budget.

Similar programs in the marketplace have a value of thousands attached to it, however DHFS has exclusively provided a very affordable membership to consumers with plenty of membership rights.  Backed by our Wholesale Price Guarantee you will leverage our system for your families benefit.

Get a Gift Card For Broken Cell Phones at Futureshop

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Got a cell phone you hardly use anymore? Great time to turn it into a free gift card at Futureshop! All you have to do is go in store and give them your old phone and they will instantly turn that right around with a gift card. To get an approximate value of the cell-phone without having to go in store Flipswap.com. Rumors seem to hint that this is where Futureshop is actually getting their evaluation of the old cellphones anyways.

Futureshop Flyer to Swap Old Cellphone for a Gift Card

If you are looking for straight up cash though, you can always sell the Futureshop gift card to Giftah, we would be more then happy to take that gift card off your hands.

If you  know any similar offers for American folks please share them in the comments section.

Grab a $10 Gas Card by test driving a KIA

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Everyone is in need of gas these days and even a free $10 gift cards helps. KIA is currently offering a free $10 gift card to anyone that test drives one of their cars in the GTA. All you have to do is head over to their website, book your appointment and present the coupon when you show up to test drive the vehicle and you got yourself a free $10 gift card!

The form to fill out online is very simple, just requiring basic information like name and e-mail, desired time and of course the model you want to test drive. There are a number of different version you can try out, among them are Rio, Soul, Forte, Sorente, Sedona and many more of their models. Well, check it our for yourself, it is definitely worth it if you are in the GTA: test drive some sweet cars and get free gas!