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Make a Guitar Pick out of a Gift Card

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Pick Punch Gift CardIf you play the guitar and are looking for way to use up dead gift cards look no further then the Pick Punch. The Pick Punch turns old gift cards into guitar picks, not bad for a glorified hole punch. While recommenced for use with gift cardsĀ  can turn anything punchable into a guitar pick. If for some reason you do not have any plastic to punch the Pick Punch has you covered and will send you a plastic sheet to punch picks out of, although if it comes to that you should seriously consider just buying some guitar picks.

Before you start punching holes in your gift cards with the Puck Punch be sure to check the gift cards balance to make sure you don’t have any balance remaining. If you do find a gift card with a balance remaining you can sell it to Giftah and get some cash, you could even use it to buy a Pick Punch. Giftah will give you cash for your unwanted gift cards from any major North American retailer.

Sell Gift Cards Online

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

There are a number of fly by night operations who will offer to take your gift cards of your hands for a ridiculously high price, others sites will gladly sell your card for you and charge you a sky high commission. There is also a large number of sites that will simply take your gift card and never pay you a single penny. While the used gift card marketplace is still cluttered there is one solid reliable option available for selling gift cards online.

Giftah the online marketplace for gift cards allows registered users to sell their gift cards. Although Giftah charges a 5% commission for every successful sale it is much lower then other gift card websites that charge commissions ranging from 10% – 60%. Selling your gift card on Giftah also provides many benefits that will increase the amount of money you receive for your gift card. Giftah has thousands of users dedicated to one thing, buying gift cards. The sites user base will bid up the value of your card so you will receive the highest market value for your card. It also provides a verification service for the cards and offers a 100% money back guarantee to anyone bidding on the cards. This means user bidding on your gift card don’t have to worry about the card being fraudulent, there bids are higher since they know the gift card they are bidding on will arrive with the balance intact.

Don’t be taken advantage of by imitation sites. When you are looking for a place to sell your gift cards online make sure the site has a dedicated user base, verifies the cards, and does not charge unfair commissions. Get the most money for your gift card, sell your gift cards to Giftah.