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Media Kit

This page will contain information and guidelines for the use of the Giftah logo and it's products and service. 

Product Names

The list below shows the correct spelling for Giftah and its slogan:


You'll notice that the Giftah name is spelled with the first letter capitalized and the rest all lower case.

Download logos for use both on the web and print (different version included, please use accordingly). Please see Terms of Use below.

Terms of Use

You may download and use the provided logos without requesting permission, provided the following terms of use are met:

- The logo must not be used in any manner which implies Giftah partnership, affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement of your website, product, or service.
- The logo may not be used to disparage Giftah, or its affiliated products or services.
- The logo may be resized for your intended use, but it can not be combined with any other design element, such as photography, type, borders, nor can it be incorporated into another logo.

If you have a usage question, or would like to request a different size of the logo, please e-mail us at [email protected]