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Canadian Outback Gift Certificates Are Still Good

With the closing of all Outback Steakhouse restaurants in Ontario thousands of consumers have been left wondering if their gift cards are worth anything. Outback closed the doors of its nine Ontario restaurants in early March.

Often when a chain goes under consumers still holding gift cards are left to foot the bill, luckily Outback Steakhouse’s Ontario management firm has devised a reasonable alternative for those still holding Outback Steakhouse gift cards.

Giftah is please to announce that Outback Steakhouse gift certificates and gift cards issued for Outback Ontario steakhouses can still be redeemed at any SIR Corp. restaurant which include popular restaurants such as Jack Astor’s, Canyon Creek and Alice Fazooli’s. Giftah will continue to allow the trade of Outback Steakhouse gift cards as they are still valid at alternative restaurants and the Outback Steakhouse chain continues to operate in Alberta, Canada.

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