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Southwest Airline Gift Card

southwest_gift_card_southwestgiftcardSouthwest Airlines was one of the first to offer airline gift cards. The company likes to call their gift card the southwestgiftcard to differentiate it from the competitions airline gift cards. You can purchase the Southwest gift card in any denomination up to $1000, and the card can be mailed via regular mail for $2.95. The Southwest Airlines gift card can also be sent via e-mail.

If the person you are shopping for insists on flying Southwest Airlines, then a Southwest airline gift card might be just the thing they need. However, if the recipient is not as picky about what airlines they fly one you may be able to find some better/cheaper alternatives to the Southwest Airline gift card.

There are two great alternatives to buying Southwest Airline gift cards. The first is Expedia, which offers flight, hotels and card rentals to just about anywhere in the world. The website searches dozens of airlines flight offers and finds much cheaper prices then both airlines websites and sometimes even travel agents. You can also book your airline ticket form the comfort of you own home. A real traveler knows that an Expedia gift card is a much better gift than a airline gift certificate.

If the person you are buying the gift card for insists on taking a specific airline or dealing with a travel agent there is a way to save a good deal of money when you buy the airline gift card. Before you buy check out a online gift card marketplace like Giftah. The website is full of people trading gift cards for cash, many of the gift cards are selling at a large discount. Sometimes the site even has unwanted Expedia gift cards or if none are for sale you can pick up a great airline gift card or travel agents gift card for a fraction of the price.

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4 Responses to “Southwest Airline Gift Card”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I don’t think it is a good idea to buy Southwest gift cards online from anyone but Southwest.
    I bought a gift card from eBay ( in May) and schedule a trip approx. 2 months later (in July). The day of my flight I found out that the card was fraudulent ( The card had worked 2 months ago so I never thought it was fraudulent). The same day as my flight I found out about the fraud. Now I am having trouble getting my money back.

    I spoke with someone at Southwest and there is alot of this going on right now. People need to be very careful.

  2. giftah Says:

    I agree that there are many scams online, especially on eBay. What’s unique about Giftah is that they verify the balance of any card sold on the site. If you buy a card on Giftah you are protected 100% for the entire transaction.

  3. Amanda Says:

    According to your website, it appears that we are protected for 21 days only. Is this correct?
    Verifying the balance is not the only thing. The card I bought had $250 available on May 25th, but nothing on July 16th ( the day that Southwest discovered it was fraud).

  4. giftah Says:

    Its a shame you had such trouble with your South West Gift card. Make sure you file a police report. If you get an officer willing to pursue the case South West should be able to track down the person who fraudulently used your code.

    This kind of thing happens when cards are resold. Some companies let you use the cards code online..in your case the seller must have kept the code and transferred in to another card or used it. Only cards that must be used in stores will be safe after our guarantee period expires.

    I strongly recommend using or selling any gift card you have within a month. The longer people hold on to gift cards the more likely they will be lost, or in some cases start expiring. I myself use to save up gift cards for month, but after losing a couple I decided to find an alternative.

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