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Check Canadian Tire Gift Certificate Balance

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

If you are trying to find the balance on your Canadian Tire or Canadian Tire Gas gift card then you have come to the right place. In this post we will look at the different ways you can check the balance on your Canadian Tire gift certificate or gift card. We will also tell you how you can sell Canadian Tire gift cards, or how you can purchase discount Canadian Tire gift cards. First make sure your gift card has not expired, Canadian Tire gift cards purchased prior to 2006 expire after two years, cards issued after 2006 have no expiry date. If you are unsure of the status of your card just follow the steps to check your gift card balance. There are only two ways to check a Canadian Tire gift card balance,

1) Check Canadian Tire Gift Card Balance By Phone, 1-800-387-8803.

2) Check Canadian Tire Gift Card Balance At Any Canadian Tire Or Canadian Tire Petro Location.

Unfortunately at this time there is no way to view your Canadian Tire gift cards balance online. After you have verified your balance you can either do some shopping at Canadian Tire or you can turn your gift card into cash. You can sell your unwanted gift cards on Giftah.com, just fill out the form, submit your card and a payment will be sent your within 24hrs of the gift card being verified. Its the fastest and easiest way to get cash for your gift cards. If you decide to do some shopping at Canadian Tire be sure to check Giftah.com to see if any discount Canadian Tire gift cards are available. The discount gift cards will allow you to save money on all of your purchased, it is like everything is on sale all the time!

Canadian Tire Gift Card Promotion

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Canadian Tire Gift Card CertificateCanadian Tire is running a two day only gift card promotion. The promotion which runs on Saturday October 24 and Sunday October 25, 2009 offers consumer a $10 Canadian Tire gift card when they Spend $50 or more at any Canadian Tire location. Unfortunately there are a number of conditions on the cards, the $10 promo Canadian Tire gift card must be used before October 31st, 2009 which does not leave much time to use the promotional gift card. There are also several products and services that are not eligible for the Canadian Tire promotion, including Auto Service labor fees, Mark’s Work Warehouse merchandise, and Canadian Tire Gift Cards.

Although the time given to redeem the Canadian Tire gift card is not very long the promotion is better then nothing and perfect for people who regularly shop at Canadian Tire. Although Giftah will not be purchasing Canadian Tire promotional gift cards due to their short expiration date they will continue to buy unwanted Canadian Tire gift cards. If you would like to sell your Canadian Tire gift card or purchase a discount Canadian Tire gift card check out Giftah.com

Free $75 Gift Cards From Toronto Hydro

Monday, June 1st, 2009

If you are a Toronto Hydro customer there is a new promotion available that offers $75 dollar gift cards to over 250 leading retailers of your choice. All you have to do is sign up for peaksaver a new service from Toronto Hydro that cuts down your air conditioners energy consumption during peak hours. If you sign up for the service Toronto Hydro will install a device to your air conditioner that will reduce its energy consumption. The service helps the power companies save money and consumers should not notice any major difference in the temperature of their homes.

After the peaksaver device has been installed you will be contacted to make your choice of the available gift cards. Gift cards are available for Harvey’s, Swiss Chalet, Winners, HMV, Cineplex, Kelsey’s, Canadian Tire, the Home Depot and hundreds more.

Head over to Toronto Hydro’s Website to sign up or call 1-877-487-8574 Mon – Fri between 8am and 9pm. Be sure to use the following promotion code: DM200901
If the electrical bill is still too large after installing the peaksaver system considering selling your cards on Giftah, a online marketplace for buying and selling gift cards.