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Ikea Living Room Event Gift Cards

Ikea Christmas SavingsThe Ikea Living Room Event is on again, from November 16th-29th you can earn back Ikea gift cards with your purchases. Anyone who buys a Besta TV/ Storage combination will receive 15% of the purchase price back in Ikea gift cards. With Christmas coming up many consumers are looking to upgrade their living rooms appearance just in time for their holiday events.  The Ikea Living Room is a great way for consumers to upgrade their houses and still have some money left over to buy some Christmas decorations. Or if you have exhausted your budget on home decor items you can sell you Ikea gift card and get turn your unwanted gift card into cash.

Giftah will buy your unwanted Ikea gift cards, all you have to do is enter your cards balance to see how much money you can make. Everyone can use some extra cash for Christmas and there is no better way to free up some money than selling your unwanted gift cards. Giftah is also a great place to pick up some discount gift cards for your holiday shopping, you can save up to 60% more by using Giftah’s discount gift cards.

Sell you gift cards for cash

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  1. Kaleigh Says:

    I purchased this amazon gift card for my daughter’s birthday. She loves it! I read some negative reviews before purchasing, but everything was fine. Very easy to use, thank you, Amazon!

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