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Sell Your Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Do you have an unwanted Barnes and Noble gift card you don’t plan on using? Whether there is nothing out there you want to read or would rather have cash to spend on something else Giftah.com will turn your unwanted Barnes and Noble gift card into cash. Many times our gift cards end of gathering dust in a dresser drawer for years before being used, if they ever are used. If you don’t use a gift card right away chances are it will end up sitting for years or in some cases may even become lost or expire.

Giftah offers an alternative for those who know they will not be using their gift card, our service allows you to turn almost any unwanted gift card into cash. Whether it is a B&N gift card redeemable at Barnes and Noble or a gift card for another major North American retailer we will give you cash back for your card. All you need to do check out our website, fill out a short form and submit your gift card. Within 24 hours of your Barnes and Noble gift card’s balance being verified you will receive payment by Paypal. Its fast, easy and frees up cash to spend on what you really want. Don’t keep your gift card waiting, sell your Barnes and Noble gift card and get cash for what you really want.

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