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Check Balance On Home Depot Gift Card

home_depot_gift_cardUnfortunately checking the balance on your Home Depot gift card is more difficult then it should be. Unlike most companies which offer phone lines and websites for checking the balance on a gift card the Home Depot gift card balances can only be verified in the store. This means you will have to go all the way to the nearest Home Depot and stand in line waiting for a cashier to check the balance.

It’s hard to understand why Home Depot insists on bringing customers into its store. They may think people are more likely to use the balance if they are in the store, but it really just creates an annoyance for their customers. Hopefully in the future the company will offer a website or phone number to check the balance of their gift cards, but for now Home Depot gift card holders are stuck making a trip to the store to check their balance.

If you would rather have cash instead of a Home Depot gift card you can always sell your gift card online. Giftah hosts an online marketplace where you can turn your unwanted gift card into cash. Or if you are going to be making a big purchase at a retail store you can buy gift cards at a discount.

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our readers, Cindy, it seems that Home Depot does have a way (although very hidden) to check your gift card online. Click here to be taken to the page to check your Home Depot gift card balance.

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17 Responses to “Check Balance On Home Depot Gift Card”

  1. Mike Ashland Says:

    We received gift cards for our wedding in December of 2006. We’ve been holding them for a floor remodeling project and now, in 2009, found that only Home Depot lacks a way to check the balance online, and WORSE, only Home Depot deducts a fee so that today our $200 gift card is only worth $102. Lowes, Parr Lumber, etc…all full value and all let me check balance online or with phone call. We were going to drop the whole $2,000 at Home Depot on the project. Not a chance, now. Going to Lowes or Parr Lumber who take care of their customers.

  2. giftah Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Sorry to hear about your Home Depot card, it definitely is not fair to have money “expire” from your gift card. Next time you should either try to use the card as soon as possible or sell it for some cash, that way at least you can use the cash for something you need right away or put it in the bank.

  3. Eric Says:

    Mike, you are actually wrong. Home Depot gift cards do not lose balance over their lifetime. The only way your gift card can lose money on it, is if you GO to the store and SPEND the money on merchandise… It’s truly sad someone from Lowe’s or this “Parr Lumber” (wherever that is) decide they want to spread FALSE information over the web to customers. Says alot about those stores employees. Go into or even call ANY Home Depot and ask if the gift cards ever expire or lose value. THE ANSWER IS NO, ALL ACROSS THE U.S.!!!

  4. Cindy Says:

    Hi, I wanted to respond because I was finally able to locate a place on the Home Depot website to check the balance on our gift card. However, it did take a few tries after entering the card number, pin, and their verification numbers and letters to get the balance. It was good to find out the balance but it should not have taken so much effort. I am not aware one way or the other if the balance depreciates over time. Ours was given to us almost a year ago and the balance is the same, according to the results on their website. The address I was able to check the balance is https://secure2.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/GiftCardProductDisplay?partNumber=199999959&gcval=&langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10104

  5. giftah Says:

    Hey Cindy, great work. This must be a new feature on the site, previously it was not possible to check cards. Thanks for sharing your find!

  6. Check Home Depot Gift Card Balance Online | Giftah Blog Says:

    [...] of our readers wrote in to let us know that it is now possible to check the balance of a Home Depot gift card online. Previously the only way consumers could check their balance was in store. Obviously this is [...]

  7. Daniella Says:

    Is there a difference between the gift card and the store credit card (not the credit card, but a card for store credit)? I don’t know where to find the PIN on this card, and honestly, I just don’t have time to go all the way to my nearest HD just to check the balance. What a nuisance. Thanks!

  8. Wendie Lemieux Says:

    I will do you all one better, I work for a local real estate company, I am administrative we receive gifts from the agents at christmas time. Last christmas being 2009 I received gift cards from my agents for Home Depot, I went there to purchase some items and was told I could not. The would not order in for me, basically told me I was SOL. Talk about a HUGE RIP OFF. I have since spread the word in my city seeing that my husband is a HUGE contractor, he and others now will no longer deal with Home Depot. Do the same in your towns contact your local media let’s get things changed with them. Enough is enough.

  9. Jason Says:

    What a pain in the butt. But it’s obvious why they want to bring ppl back in the store… So they buy things while they’re there!

  10. pj Says:

    I got approached by a local crack head at around 2:30am and was offered whats supposed to be two in store credit cards worth a total of 305.87 for the whopping amount of 25.00 so I took the deal I figured its only 25 bucks all to come home and find out that I cant check the balance unless i go into the store …..Home Depot sucks!

  11. Alex Says:

    Im sorry to see that the great majority of the population cant figure out how to check there balance of a hd gift card online, to most of you i will say have you tried typing “home depot gift card balance” into the google search it takes you right there. Also a store credit is a credit issued by the store which does not carry a pin number as it is not a gift card, to check that balance you must go to any hd store any register and they can tell you in about 15 seconds. as far as any gift card being used as or redemed for cash… come on, seriously? No retailer on this planet would do that #1 reason dis honest people. ” oh i lost my gift card can i have another one” put yourself in the stores shoes would you do that? Wendie, what were you trying to buy and what did it have to do with a gift card? I am a avid shopper of the home depot and hands down they are the only home improvement retailer that will “make it work, make it happen” try to do that at lowes. it doesnt matter who the people are in the store at customer service, at least home depot teaches there employees to smile and say hello, be apologetic if something is going wrong. you will not get that at lowes!!

  12. jocelyn Says:

    Thanks for the info on how to check balance of the Hom Depot Card…unfortunatly it does not work for cards purchased in Canada!

  13. bil Says:

    There r 4 sets of number on the back of the home depot card.. which is the card # tyhey ask for when trying to get the balance..

  14. giftah Says:

    Hi Jocelyn, That is correct, at this time only US Home Depot cards can be checked online.

    Bil, the longest set of numbers on the back of the card need to be entered to view the balance on your Home Depot gift card

  15. p.a.t. Says:

    first of all real smart Pj, why would you wait till u got home to check the balance of a home depot in store credit when you were at the store? dont get me wrong $25 for a $300 card is an excellent dealbut u should of checked it before u bought it ASS!

  16. Mel Says:

    There is no way to check the balance of a canadian girft card from Home Depot :(

  17. giftah Says:

    Hi Jocelyn and Mel, Unfortunately at this time the only way to check a Canadian Home Depot gift card balance is by taking the gift card into Home Depot. In the US the Home Depot Cards can be checked online, but here they still make you go into the store.

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