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Check Home Depot Gift Card Balance Online

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Home Depot Gift Card CertificateOne of our readers wrote in to let us know that it is now possible to check the balance of a Home Depot gift card online. Previously the only way consumers could check their balance was in store. Obviously this is not a convenient way to check your balance and it looks like Home Depot has finally gotten the message. Their new gift card page offers balance checks on gift cards and the ability to purchase new gift cards with a customized message. With the launch of the new web features customer are now able to check their gift card balances using the following tools,

1) Check Home Depot Gift Card Balance Online, click here.

2) Check Home Depot Gift Card Balance At Any Home Depot Location.

After you find out your balance ask yourself whether or not you will use your gift card balance soon or if you would rather have cash. If you decide to use your Home Depot gift card on a new project check Giftah.com for discount Home Depot gift cards to add more value to your purchase. If you are not planning on shopping there any time soon sell your Home Depot gift card to Giftah and use the cash to buy what you really want.

Free $75 Gift Cards From Toronto Hydro

Monday, June 1st, 2009

If you are a Toronto Hydro customer there is a new promotion available that offers $75 dollar gift cards to over 250 leading retailers of your choice. All you have to do is sign up for peaksaver a new service from Toronto Hydro that cuts down your air conditioners energy consumption during peak hours. If you sign up for the service Toronto Hydro will install a device to your air conditioner that will reduce its energy consumption. The service helps the power companies save money and consumers should not notice any major difference in the temperature of their homes.

After the peaksaver device has been installed you will be contacted to make your choice of the available gift cards. Gift cards are available for Harvey’s, Swiss Chalet, Winners, HMV, Cineplex, Kelsey’s, Canadian Tire, the Home Depot and hundreds more.

Head over to Toronto Hydro’s Website to sign up or call 1-877-487-8574 Mon – Fri between 8am and 9pm. Be sure to use the following promotion code: DM200901
If the electrical bill is still too large after installing the peaksaver system considering selling your cards on Giftah, a online marketplace for buying and selling gift cards.

Check Balance On Home Depot Gift Card

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

home_depot_gift_cardUnfortunately checking the balance on your Home Depot gift card is more difficult then it should be. Unlike most companies which offer phone lines and websites for checking the balance on a gift card the Home Depot gift card balances can only be verified in the store. This means you will have to go all the way to the nearest Home Depot and stand in line waiting for a cashier to check the balance.

It’s hard to understand why Home Depot insists on bringing customers into its store. They may think people are more likely to use the balance if they are in the store, but it really just creates an annoyance for their customers. Hopefully in the future the company will offer a website or phone number to check the balance of their gift cards, but for now Home Depot gift card holders are stuck making a trip to the store to check their balance.

If you would rather have cash instead of a Home Depot gift card you can always sell your gift card online. Giftah hosts an online marketplace where you can turn your unwanted gift card into cash. Or if you are going to be making a big purchase at a retail store you can buy gift cards at a discount.

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our readers, Cindy, it seems that Home Depot does have a way (although very hidden) to check your gift card online. Click here to be taken to the page to check your Home Depot gift card balance.