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Check Balance On Kmart Gift Card

Kmart Gift Card CertificateIf you want to check the balance on your Kmart gift card there are three simple ways to do so.  After we explain the three easiest ways to check the balance on your Kmart gift card we will also show you how you can get cash for your unwanted gift cards or even buy discount gift cards. These methods will allow you to save money on your next shopping trip or help you free up cash when you need it most. Without further ado here are the three easiest ways to check the balance on your Kmart gift card;

1) Check Kmart Gift Card Balance By Phone, Call 1-866-562-7848.

2) Check Kmart Gift Card Balance Online, Click Here.

3) Check Kmart Gift Card Balance At Any Kmart Retail Location.

After finding out how much money is left on your card you can decide to trade it in for some cash or spend it at Kmart, whatever you decide Giftah can help you get more for your gift card. Kmart gift cards can be sold directly to Giftah or sold at auction on Giftah’s gift card marketplace, either way you can turn you gift card into cold hard cash. If you decide to do some shopping at Kmart be sure to check out the discount gift cards currently on sale at Giftah, you might be able to pick up some Kmart gift cards at up to 50% of the retail price.

Sell you gift cards for cash

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5 Responses to “Check Balance On Kmart Gift Card”

  1. Isidro Says:

    I was going throu my last years Christmas cards and found a gift card in one of them , ( 50$ ) is it still good ? ( Sears Gift Card ) I’v called the 1 800 numder , but it tells me to give them my 16 #s on the back , but thiers 30 #s on the back . what should I do ?

  2. giftah Says:

    Hi Isidro, Some of the older Sears gift cards have more numbers, if it is not working over the phone try taking it into a Sears, they should be able to check the balance at any location.

  3. Angle Says:

    Can I get a refund for my kmart gift card?

  4. giftah Says:

    Hi Angle!

    Unfortunately most stores have a no refund policty for gift cards :(

    However, Giftah.com will be more than happy to give you cash for that Kmart gift cards! Just fill out the simple form at http://giftah.com/sell and you will have cash in your hands before you even know it!

    Happy Holidays :)

  5. Shelly Says:

    I found a Kmart Cash gift card in my desk and I was trying to find out the balance. The card had 23 #’s a cross the top along with the AT&T logo. I doesn’t have any numbers on the back or a silver strip to rub off. How do I find out how much is on this card?

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