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Check Best Buy Gift Card Balance

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Are you trying to track down the balance on your Best Buy gift card? You have definitely come to the right place, in this post we will show you three different ways to check a Best Buy gift card balance. We will also let you know how you can purchase discount Best Buy gift cards to save money on all or your Best Buy purchases. Finally you will learn how to sell your Best Buy gift card, that’s right you can turn you Best Buy gift card into cash! Without further ado here are the three methods for viewing your Best Buy gift cards balance,

1) Check Best Buy Gift Card Balance By Phone, 1-888-716-7994.

2) Check Best Buy Gift Card Balance Online, Click Here.

3) Check Best Buy Gift Card Balance At Any Best Buy Location.

Now that you have found the balance on your gift card you need to decide whether you will use the card to purchase some electronics or turn the gift card into cash and use it for something else. Lots of gift cards end up going unused every year, some are lost, stolen or expire but most commonly gift cards end up being kept in desk drawer gathering dust for years. Many times the reason people don’t use gift cards is that they just don’t want or need anything from the retailer. Now you can sell your unwanted gift cards and use the cash on anything you want. If you decide to sell your Best Buy gift card then Giftah.com will help you turn your gift card into cash. Simply fill out our form, send in the card and you will receive payment within 24hrs of the gift card being verified. Its a simple way to get fast cash for your unwanted gift cards. If you do decided to use your gift card be sure to check Giftah.com for their current discount electronics gift card listings. You can pick up a discount Best Buy gift card that can be applied to anything you purchase at the store. Shopping at Best Buy with a discount gift card is like having your own personal sale in your pocket. You can apply your discount to any item at any time. No matter what you do with your gift card Giftah.com will help you put more money in your pocket.

Toys ‘R’ Us Holiday Savers Club

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Call it a throwback to the ghost of recessions past, or a nod to the Eisenhower-era but Toys ‘R’ Us is introducing a new program that will help consumers start saving for holiday expenses. Toy’s ‘R’ Us’ Holiday Savers Club will allow consumer to convert cold hard cash into Toys ‘R’ Us gift cards.

Toy’s ‘R’ Us will give you 3% ‘interest’ on whatever amount you place in the Savers Club, if you use the Toys ‘R’ Us gift cards to buy the Tickle Me Elmo of the year and flip on e-bay you may even see returns higher than 3%. Either way most consumer affairs experts would advise against giving your money to the Bank of Toy’s ‘R’ Us.

The program will give consumers who are incapable of managing their own finances a chance to save up for holiday toys. If you suffer from a gambling addiction and spend your Christmas bonus at the track Christmas Eve than this program is for you.

If you wake up with a Holiday Savers hangover and are left with a couple hundred in useless Toy’s ‘R’ Us gift cards give Giftah a call. Giftah.com will buy your unwanted gift cards. Thats right, we will give you cash for your unwanted gift cards! Imagine the freedom, being able to spend your money on anything you want. Sell your gift cards to Giftah today!

Get A RadioShack Gift Card For Old iPhones

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

With the recent release of the iPhone 4 many older iphone models will become expensive paper weights as users upgrade to the newer model. RadioShack has decided to cash in on the opportunity by offering a trade in program that will reduce the financial costs of a users iPhone upgrade.

If you bring in a 8GB or 16GB iPhone 3G RadioShack will give you a $100 RadioShack gift card. If you bring in one of the iPhone 3GS models RadioShack will give you a $200 RadioShack gift card. The gift cards can then be used towards purchasing a new upgrade.

All in  all its not a bad promotion, however if you are like the majority of the population you likely get your phone somewhere else, whether its the Apple Store or a cell phone provider. If you decide to take advantage of the RadioShack promotion but do not know what to do with you RadionShack gift card consider selling it.

Giftah.com will give you cash for your RadioShack gift card. You can trade unwanted giftcards for cashwhich can be used to purchase a new iPhone, or spend it somewhere else, that’s the beauty of cash, unlike a gift card you can spend it however you want. If you have any other unwanted gift cards Giftah will buy those as well, they give cash for cards from hundreds of major retailers. So get ride of those unwanted gift cards and get paid for your gift cards today.

Check Balance On Ticketmaster Gift Card

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Ticket Master Gift Card CertificateDo you have an old Ticketmaster gift card laying around gathering dust? If you need to check the balance on your Ticketmaster gift card or gift certificate then you have come to the right place. There are currently two ways to check the balance on your Ticketmaster gift card,

1) Check Ticketmaster Gift Card Balance By Phone, Call 1-866-828-4400.

2) Check Ticketmaster Gift Card Balance Online, Click Here.

3) Check Ticketmaster Gift Card Balance At Any Ticketmaster Retail Location.

Whether you intend to use your Ticketmaster card to purchase some tickets or sell your Ticketmaster gift card for cash Giftah will help you get the most value for your card. Giftah sells discount Ticketmaster gift cards which means you can save up to 30% off the price of your tickets. If there are no upcoming shows you are interested in Giftah will give you cash for your unwanted Ticketmaster gift cards. Giftah will give you cash for your cards, we are currently purchasing cards from over 200 retailers freeing consumers everywhere from their dusty gift cards!

Check Balance On Hollister Gift Card

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Hollister Gift Card

If you are trying to check the balance on your Hollister Co gift card you have come to the right place! Giftah.com is not only an excellent resource for checking the balance on you gift cards, it is also the webs premier destination for buying discount gift cards and selling your unwanted gift cards for cash. Unfortunately Hollister does not offer a phone number to verify gift card balances but  there are still two other ways to check the balance of your Hollister Gift card,

1) Check Hollister Gift Card Balances Online, Click Here.

2) Check Hollister Gift Card Balances At Any Hollister Co. Store.


Check Balance On Kmart Gift Card

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Kmart Gift Card CertificateIf you want to check the balance on your Kmart gift card there are three simple ways to do so.  After we explain the three easiest ways to check the balance on your Kmart gift card we will also show you how you can get cash for your unwanted gift cards or even buy discount gift cards. These methods will allow you to save money on your next shopping trip or help you free up cash when you need it most. Without further ado here are the three easiest ways to check the balance on your Kmart gift card;

1) Check Kmart Gift Card Balance By Phone, Call 1-866-562-7848.

2) Check Kmart Gift Card Balance Online, Click Here.

3) Check Kmart Gift Card Balance At Any Kmart Retail Location.

After finding out how much money is left on your card you can decide to trade it in for some cash or spend it at Kmart, whatever you decide Giftah can help you get more for your gift card. (more…)

D23 Discounted Walt Disney Gift Cards

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

disney_d23_gift_card_membershipIt has never been easier to join the jamboree all the exclusive benefits of the D23 membership are now available as a gift card. You can give a friend or family member the gift of an exclusive D23 membership with the purchase of the Disney D23 gift card. The D23 gift card gives the card holder a one year membership in Disney’s D23 club, a one year subscription to the Disney twenty-three magazine, discounted tickets to the D23 Expo (worth $84) held annually and access to members only merchandise and special events. Perhaps one of the biggest perks of D23 membership is the iconic D23 membership certificate and a surprise gift from the Disney Archives.

The D23 Disney gift card is available for only $74.99 from all domestic Disney Stores and all Disney Land Resorts. The tickets to the D23 expo alone are worth the price of the Disney gift card. This is an incredible gift for any Disney fan, act now because these wont last long!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Disney Gift cards appearing on Giftah. Occasionally someone receives a Disney gift card that is not a big Disney fan, these cards end up on Giftah’s gift card marketplace, usually selling for a large discount. Keep your eyes open for the incredible deals on these discounted Disney gift cards they won’t last long.

Fathers Day Discount Gift Card Ideas

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Fathers day is approaching (Sunday, June 21st 2009) and many kids are wondering what to get dear old dad. The National Retail Federation conducted a survey to determine what gifts Americans are planning to give to their father this fathers day. The country spends on average $9.4 billion on fathers day gifts each year, with the average gift price hovering around $90.

Most people spend the money on an outing such as dinner or a round of golf, gardening equipment and electronics are also popular. However more and more people each year are opting to buy their father a gift card for father’s day. There are plenty of good options when it comes to gift cards. A gift card insures that dad can buy whatever he wants, you just need to know what type of store he likes to shop at.

If you decide to buy a gift card there is no point in paying full price for the card. There are plenty of discount gift cards available online. Giftah a marketplace for buying and selling gift cards online provides a wide range of discounted gift cards. You can pick up all sorts of discount electronics gift cards for dad, there are also some nice home gift cards if your dad is into renovating or even decorating around the house.

Get more value this father’s day and whatever you do don’t pay retail prices when you buy gift cards. Giftah will guarantee all transactions on the site and you will save a ton of cash on their discounted gift cards. There is still plenty of time to get the perfect gift card on Giftah.