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Amazon Appstore Gift Cards

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

It did not take Amazon long to set up a page promoting gift cards for their new Amazon Appstore. Although its unlikely that there will ever be as many Amazon Appstore gift cards floating around as there are itunes gift cards no doubt it will be a popular gift card. Amazon makes it incredibly easy to buy Amazon Appstore gift cards, you can choose to send an Amazon Appstore gift card by e-mail, via Facebook, or you cna just print it. Currently the Amazon Appstore gift cards are only available in the United States and you still need to have an active Amazon account.  The cards can be redeemed in the Appstore, on Amazon.com or on Amazon’s Endless.com.

The Amazon Appstore is still in its infancy, but thanks to the popularity of Amazon.com the layout and feel of the Appstore will be very familiar to anyone who has shopped on Amazon. One of the fun features that makes it stand out from the itunes store is the Free App of the Day. The promotion provides a free app that would usually be a paid app everyday. Its very similar to a daily deal site like Groupon or Wagjag but for Android Apps. Another great feature is the Appstore Test Drive, some of the Appstores apps can be tried out before you are buying them from your PC. Its handy because you can quickly and efficiently browse apps on a large screen and decide if you want to purchase it before you download it to your Android phone.

If you are planning on trying out Amazons Appstore or already an active customer be sure to check out Giftah.com’s gift card listings to see if there are any discount Amazon gift cards available. With a discount Amazon gift card you can save money on anything in the Appstore or from any other Amazon site. Giftah.com will help you put more money back in your pocket.

Trade In DVD And Blu-ray Disks For Amazon Gift Certificates

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Amazon is now accepting trade ins for used DVD and Blu-ray disks. The disks must be in good condition and have a value of $10 or more. In return you will be issued an Amazon gift certificate good for anything on Amazon’s website. The company has made it relatively easy to cash in on the offer; if you have some old disks just head over to Amazon’s site, check out the value of your disk, print a shipping label and mail it to Amazon. Amazon gift card credits will be deposited to your Amazon account.

If what you are really after is cash then take your Amazon gift cards over to Giftah, the gift card marketplace. You can sell Amazon gift cards on the site and get some cash for your gift card.

Trade Your Electronics For Gift Cards

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

There are a number of websites that allow you to swap your old electronics for a gift card. Since most old electronics end up sitting in a desk drawer somewhere or being thrown out trading electronics for gift cards is an excellent way to get some value out of your junk. You can trade in your old electronics and buy some new ones with the electronics gift cards you receive. The newer the electronics are the higher the value of the gift card will be, the value of your old electronics is also determined by the popularity of the device. The gift cards offered vary with each website, but we have listed some of the more popular sites for swapping electronics for gift cards below.

1) Next Worth: primarily deals with old iPods and iPhones but has recently branched out and begun collecting video games, consoles, cameras, laptops, Blckberry, and GPS. Next Worth offers Amazon gift cards, online or in store J&R gift cards and Target gift cards for your used electronics.

2) Gazelle: buys used cell phones, laptops, GPS devices, gaming consols, camcorders, satellite radios and video games. In return the company provides Amazon gift cards. They also recycle any electronics item even if it has no value.

3) RadioShack: accepts trade in electronics for certain mp3 players, game systems, cell phones, cameras, GPS units, car audio systems and laptops. In return for sending in your electronics you receive a Radio Shack gift card.

4) My Bone Yard: accepts mp3 players, cell phones, desktop pc’s, flat screen monitors and laptops. For exchanging your electronics you will receive a Visa gift card.
Since most used electronics end up in a landfill, these sites are great for recycling your electronics and receiving gift cards.

If you would rather get cash for your gift card there is another website that can facilitate that. You can always sell your gift card online. Just go to Giftah the online marketplace for gift cards and list your card in an auction or sell your gift card directly to Giftah. It’s a easy and fun way to convert your gift cards into cash.