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Stay at home mom lives off discounted gift cards for a full month

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Giftcardgranny.com challenged a stay at home mom to try to live off only gift cards for the month of March and do all her purchases by purchasing discounted gift cards from sites like Giftah.com. The results are pretty astonishing, especially when you consider the challenge was only for one month. Take a look at this cool graphic they put together at the end of the month to get an idea of how much she was able to save.

gift card granny challenge
Provided by GiftCardGranny.com

Definitely check out the full challenge on GiftCardGranny’s blog and see how you can use discounted gift cards to save on your everyday purchases!

Mother’s Day Gift Card Suggestions

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and if this is the first you have heard about it a gift card might be a good idea. By now most of the good gifts could already be off the shelf and many florists are already struggling to keep up with demand. Yes gift cards can be impersonal and mom would much rather have a home made card or breakfast in bed. However, for many children time is money and these days many people do not have much of either. Although a gift card is not the most personal gift a person can buy it is cost effective and as long as you know what store mom shops at she will love it to.

If your looking for inspiration think about hobbies your mother enjoys. If she likes gardening gift cards a Home Depot gift card may be a good idea. Don’t get a gift card to a small local garden center, as they are usually only open during the summer months and could go out of business at any time. Local spa gift cards can also be a great gift, but again try to purchase them from a spa your mom frequents or a spa chain that is on firm financial ground.

If you completely misread your mother’s likes and get her a gift card to a store she never shops at do the right thing. Be a good son or daughter and teach your mom how to sign up for Giftah and help her sell the unwanted gift cards for cash. Happy Mothers day from Giftah : )