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Free Esso Gas Gift Card At Shoppers Drug Mart

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Shoppers Drug Mart is having another gift card promotion for Esso gas gift cards. Its all part of one of their famous bonus Shoppers Optimum events.  From Saturday, April 9th to April 15th you can earn bonus points by redeeming your Shopper Optimum points. If you redeem 50,000 points you will receive a bonus $15 of spending power for a total of $100 off. If you redeem 95,000 points you will get an extra $30 dollars of purchasing power for a total of $200 off.

For those that don’t have tens of thousands of points to cash in you can still receive a free $20 Esso gas gift card when you spend $75 or more at Shoppers Drug Mart. The gift cards are only valid for a limited time but with the price of gas these days it should not be difficult to use up the gas gift card quickly.

If you find yourself with a Esso gas gift card you do not want to can not use you can also sell your gift card on Giftah.com. We will give you cash for your unwanted gift cards, its easy to turn you card into cash and you can free up the money for some more shopping.  Also be sure to check out Giftah.com for discount gas gift cards. The discount gift cards will help you put more money back in your pocket the next time you need to fill up the tank.